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Noble Brewer: Mail Order Homebrew

beer-bgNoble Brewer Beer appeared on Producthunt today, with the tagline, “Etsy for craft beers.” That’s a misleading description, as the founder notes that the service is actually “a subscription beer club that features the best homebrewers in the country giving the craft beer drinker access to great beers they can’t find anywhere else.” Interesting idea. Their website features a contact form for homebrewers to contact the company about having their brews featured. Digging into the site a bit, this interesting tidbit from the FAQ page stands out:

“Will the beer I receive be actual homebrew made in a kitchen or garage?” While we think it would be great if we could ship you the real thing straight from our homebrewers’ set ups, selling homebrew is actually illegal. In addition, we would need our homebrewers to brew for several days straight to make enough beer for our membership base, and hand bottling that many beers is just painful. To solve these problems, we work with our homebrewers to scale up their recipes to a commercial level and use a partner brewery to make and bottle the beer we deliver to you. So, in short, you will not receive actual homebrew [emphasis ours].

Well that changes the story entirely! And you thought you had to wait to sell out?


A visit to Barley Brown’s Brewpub

Barley Brown's Samples Barley Brown's Taplist  Barley Brown's Samples

Needing a day away, Jim and I headed to Baker City on a recent rainy Saturday, determined to try one of our neighbor state’s most award-winning breweries, Barley Brown’s. Treated (and as tycoons, we often are) to a generous sample of every single brew on the list, we left unable to finish every drop, but we were absolutely touched by the hospitality and the excellent beer. If you’ve loved Pallet Jack as we have, you owe it to yourself to make the trek to Baker City (2  hours from Boise) to try their other amazing options. Meanwhile, visit Barley Brown’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.